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Evidence of a Lost City is an exploration of words and images: a prose novel and an animated movie. Both circle around the same conceit — an older man who descends, every night, into a dream city. In this city he is young again. He is an explorer, a wanderer, an artist, a lover. There is also a Nocturnal Wife and Wraiths, Guides, and Grotesqueries — creatures who are perhaps memories, perhaps Jungian archetypes. Or perhaps they are demons and succubi. Whatever they are, it is an adventure.
The novel and the movie are similar — and very different. The strengths and weakness of words propel the story in a particular direction. The strengths and weaknesses of video — well, they often  flash in a different way altogether. It is curious to see how they relate to — and inspire — each other. The novel is being written in cafes, by pen, in a notebook, an ancient and honorable task. The movie is created in a computer, using Poser Pro 2014, Adobe's Photoshop and Premiere. That contrast is intruiging too.
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